Yesterday I intended…

Yesterday I intended to take photos for a photo contest. The photos did not turn out as I had hoped but it was such a wonderful moment that I want to share them anyway. I then intended for my husband to come home from work and take me to get some coffee in hopes it would fix the headache I was experiencing. That did not work and he ended up taking me to emergency physicians where they gave me some IV medication that took the edge off. Our intentions do not always go as planned but hopefully something good comes anyway.

Here are the photos of the woodpecker and her baby. It was so beautiful to be able to watch her feed her baby. She was so attentive and her baby just loved her mama so much. It was very endearing to be able to watch their interaction and love. The pictures were not perfect but those two really were.

12 thoughts on “Yesterday I intended…

  1. I am sure u must have loved clicking them as much we loved seeing them right now..

    Sometimes the intensity of our thoughts is not so powerful to make it happen. But for that missed intention you captured a Divine beauty of the nature..

    Hope u feeling better now.. take care..hugs and love to you..


    • Thank you! I do love my photography so much! They go on and on and on and on for days and days. I thought at first I would not post all of them when I took them but since they are part of who I am and part of my life and the beauty that I see, I want to share them. It COULD be why the views of my blog went from 6000 a month to 2000 a month but I may never know. I’m just happy that those who like them tell me they do because sometimes the things I photograph are all thta I hold on to


      • I understand that as i have many similar photos that i have taken that I cherish. I can’t imagine photography dropping your views. That’s crazy.


      • Something is. Not sure what. But i never used to post photography and now I am all the time. But when I started my blog it was not and still is not for the amount of views I get. It is to share my life and truth and reach others who may need someone on earth that GETS what they have gone through even if only on a small level

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