16 thoughts on “Hawks from today (there were many)

      • I saw the comment about it eating a snake after I made my comment. That was crazy. I didn’t expect it when I clicked the play button. I kept clicking it to watch. lol.

        Like he was sucking a big fat piece of spaghetti. I bet it felt weird going down. Blech.


      • My daughter was NOT happy when I even TOLD her about it. I was fascinated that a hawk would eat a snake that long whole though. After watching the owls for so long and how they eat but I just realized I’ve only watched owls feed their babies and the babies learn to eat. I suppose an owl may eat a snake whole too

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      • Now I’m picturing a hawk sitting down with a knife and fork, tongue sticking out side of his beak, a napkin/big around his neck ready to dig into a snake on a plate. Sorry, I’m a little weird.


      • I wouldn’t mind having been there to see it. I saw a hawk take a dive for a squirrel before. It was out at a park but a bunch of us were up by the road. The hawk had been in a tree above us and the squirrel was running around picking up food scraps.


      • Aw yeah that would be hard to hear. And I think about if the prey was a mom and is now leaving babies behind. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        After the hawk dove though, it ate the squirrel right there. So no screaming. Not sure which is worse. I turned away.

        I have come to accept nature better than at the time when I saw that. But it’s still difficult. I will probably always have empathy for both predator and prey when it comes to the animal kingdom. It can be difficult to reconcile.

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      • I’m so fascinated with nature the more I watch it.
        I accept it better now than I used to and don’t always want to watch it but it seems to have balance where society doesn’t. I compare them a lot

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