#sunset tonight

Lately, my mind is unable to put into words all that is going on in my life. So until I can sort it through well enough to put it down on paper I will continue to post what brings me calm…my moments on photography.

This sunset I had all the time in the world so I used different filters on my camera which I had no idea where on there. I accidentally switched the dial after video to this other setting. Here are the filtered sunset photos I took.

I thought it was neat how the filters gave each photo a completely different feel. Some cold. Some warm. Some empty. Some peaceful.

This last one didn’t have a filter. It was just the sunset all through the reeds on the prairie

29 thoughts on “#sunset tonight

  1. Great pictures! I took a picture of the eclipse of the sun and it is in my blog. The “Funny” thing is that there a lot of red circles in the pictures that I do not know why they are there. I did not use any special filters.

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      • I am so sorry!
        I think we most likely have similar lives then!
        I was doing really well with the seizures for 6 months and yesterday I just felt “off” and that worried me. Same with today. Kepra has been my best friend. So i hope nothing is stirring the pot. I so do not want to ever go back to that place again!
        I have a muscle disease so constant pain is just a daily struggle but last few days…it’s been so bad.

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      • Please understand that I don’t hit the like button because I like that you are in pain or whatever the comment is about. I hit like to hopefully lend support. Keppra is a friend of mine too. They think the seizures are PTSD related and I think they must be right.


      • Oh i hit the like button as “validation” for all posts that I like.
        Sometimes I don’t have the words so I like it to show I read it and I hear the words.
        We aren’t sure why I have seizures. I DO know that fevers, illness, stress, PTSD triggers will start them. Kepra has been stopping them completely even though i have had the worst triggers EVER in the last few months. So I don’t know what’s going on the last few days.
        Ptsd is a bitch though. It really is. I’m truly sorry you are battling with it too. It was a smell that triggered ptsd that triggered the grandmal seizures I had last time 6 months ago. Before that and even yesterday and today I just feel seizurish but not actually having them. It’s so hard to sift through what is what.

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  2. I love them all but I really really love the third one down because of the colors. So happy you are getting to know your camera more and more. You’re developing (ha!) quite a talent and an eye for photography.

    I run into the same thing with not being able to sort through everything in my head and write it down. I get so frustrated at times and overwhelmed if I try when I’m in that state.

    I saw in the comments that you have been feeling seizurish. Man o man, I hope you are okay. Triple appreciative of your help now. It can’t be easy to read or concentrate when feeling like that and then being scared it will happen again makes for horrible preoccupation. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. ❀


    • That’s the one my husband liked too.
      I have so much going on in my head right now there is no way I can sort it at all. I’m going with the distraction tactic for now until some of my stressors ease up and then I will write some of my thoughts out.
      I have in the last few days just had that feeling i usually get before a seizure but not actually having the seizure but feeling kind of confused and word recognition is off and names. It has sucked. Since that stupid tick bite things are just not right.
      Oh you are absolutely welcome for helping out. I was feeling up for it because I could read it and stay focused on it. If I just lay here i am ok but being up and about and even out for the walk earlier I was confused on names of people and that frustrated me. This morning i woke up and immediately thought i’d have a seizure due to a nightmare but I didn’t. So yeah things just off. Thank you for caring.
      I know if i try to write anything it will just come from a dark place and so that’s why i havent written on my blog. Not that i don’t share dark things but it’s like a tornado in my brain right now and body.


      • I can totally understand not feeling it about writing. Distraction can help a lot in times like that. I mean, if you think about it consciously all the time it can make things worse.

        And with distraction…it made me think about how when I’m trying to think of something, like a name of an actor from a particular movie or the name of a band or something and can’t think of it. I put it out of my mind and when I’m in the middle of doing something else I remember what I’d been trying to remember.

        Not the exact same thing, but similar. I know you’re talking about the kind of distraction that is pertinent for mental health. I hope that shit clears up soon. I understand if you don’t wanna say here but I was wondering if you heard anything about the labs you had done.


      • Everything I had was negative. Which is…Idk what it is. Rocky mountain spotted fever I tested for antibodies years ago. Those don’t just go away. It’s like having tested positive for being exposed to epstein bar (mono) or being exposed to herpes, that IGG results doesn’t just disappear. And YET in my new labs it shows I have never had any tick infection nor any tick infection antibodies. So which test was wrong? And what does that mean for the testing process? It sure the fuck gives me no answers, no treatment and nothing for the ongoing symtpoms which I was told will just “dissipate in time” OH i want to say…like in the last fucking ELEVEN years? Oh YEAH everything has dissipated!!!!
        So that’s why I’m not writing. I’m so angry and so disheartened by the medical field and the testing process and the sheer amount of money I have spent for NOTHING that I just don’t even know what to do with myself…


      • O my god! I hear ya on the medical system and the money spent to get answers and then feeling like you might as well have thrown the money in a damn fire pit.

        That sucks so bad that you have no answers from those tests. And they just fucking wave it off like, “If it’s not this , then it must be nothing. HELLO! Someone is suffering here. SOMETHING is wrong. Get your ego outta the way doc!

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      • Pretty much exactly!
        And the ER doc said he would call me monday with my lab results. It will be friday. No call. So lets just say I’ve been in quite the MOOD!!!
        But I am in a quiet scary kind of mood. Not a yell at people mood


      • I can understand that. Do you have a way of getting in touch with him or someone at the ER about it. I never believe doctor offices when they say they’re gonna call. Ugh…I can’t stand most doctors.


      • I’m going to call tomorrow and ask someone anyone to call me back. I know they have my labs. It was a 24 hour urine culture. Good thing I don’t have a uti right!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!plus the blood work. Good thing i don’t need an antibiotic for whatever infections they tested for.

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