8 thoughts on “Photos on sunday adventures with the husband

  1. The white ones look like they’d feel like putty.

    The third one down (maroon-ish) looks like it has a sunburst int he middle of it. I like the bits of pollen on the petal too. The orange ones look good enough to eat. One of my favoritest colors. 😀

    The fluffy dandelion photo…love the narrow depth of field. It gives the photo some mystery.

    That bird bath, what a great blue, I want that. Lol

    Last one: bamboo garden? 🙂

    Ps, happy mothers’ day.


    • It was the entrance to the bamboo area you got it!!!! Covered in jasmine. I could have just sat there all day it smelled so wonderful.
      I loved the pollen in that one flower too. The white ones felt like velvet. I touched all of them except in another post the pink trumpet because I know they are very poisonous.
      My husband got me the birdbath for mother’s day although I don’t really like mother’s day. I don’t feel I need to have a day to be acknowledged. So he called it wife’s day instead. It was nice.
      I used to think blue was my favorite color but I think in the flower world orange is.
      Those dandelions were in my whole side yard and he was about to mow so I took a photo of them before they were gone.

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