New One-liner Wednesday badge contest by Linda G Hill

Here is my badge that I am entering into LindaGHill’s one-liner Wednesday contest. The big voice that came out of this little bird seemed to fit perfectly for the badge. One tiny little bird, one big voice that surely made a difference to me that day!

One-Liner Wednesday – Time for a New Badge!

46 thoughts on “New One-liner Wednesday badge contest by Linda G Hill

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    • Thank you! I really am so glad you liked mine. I loved the moment too with that little bird. Seeing her sing on that post was such a joyful moment that encouraged me to keep on going.


      • I actually looked at all of them and had chosen yours to vote for before I noticed it was your blog I was viewing them on. I, too, am captivated by birds on wires and often pull over to the side of the road to photograph them.


      • I’ve stopped so many times and rolled my window down and said, ” just sing a little longer” and they do and I get a chance to get their picture. I have stumbled upon so many birds by just looking. Being aware. Light posts, wires, fences. At a stop light my husband will be driving and I have my zoom lens out of the passenger window. I’m glad you share in the love of birds

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      • Have you heard the song of the Western Meadowlark? I can’t find any online that are exactly like the ones in South Dakota, but it is much more melodious than the ones I’ve heard branded as Eastern Meadowlarks. I can’t represent the musical notes, but the phrasing was, “Doo doo doodle ee oooo,” going down the scale except for one step up on the second syllable of doodle. (Bizarre explanation, I know….)


      • Ohi love that. I will look online and see what i can find. I’m a member of some bird groups where we post bird sightings for monitoring of those that are on the watch list or endangered

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      • Every morning in the summer I’d wake up to the meadowloark’s song.. along with the crowing of Ruth Nyquist’s rooster that had a distinctive and maddening crow that left the last “doo” off the customary cock-a-doodle-doo! It drove us all crazy waiting for that culminating sound that never came.


      • Really?! The crow left off the doo! I’ve been listening to the crows lately and am amazed at the sounds they make. One sounded just like a cat. One sounded like a dog. In the mornings I can hear the little wren outside on our deck. Her favorite spot is to sing on the water faucet there and I can hear the donkeys way out on the prairie. If I could erase a sound it would be the croaking of frogs outside my window. I can’t seem to sleep with them croaking and with the continuous rain we’ve had they have a lot to say.
        I’m glad you have such good and funny memories of that time


    • Yes she is an eastern meadowlark. I absolutely loved her song. Somewhere on my blog is a video of her song that I posted. When I saw her I was crying. But she mesmerized me and I just watched her sing for what seemed like forever on that post and then everything seemed fine.

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