Wild mustangs

Thank you to https://revengeofeveforeveranonymous.wordpress.com for inspiring me to get up and go out and take photos for her photo contest. (You can check out the details of her contest on her website) If it were not for that I would not have left the house today. I can’t post the one I am entering but here is one that I really love. But a shout out to her for inspiring me to get up and be able to see wild mustangs!!!!!

But first to explain where we go…you can google Paynes Prairie. That prairie connects to Kanapaha prairie which backs up behind us and then there is Sweetwater branch wetlands. I have posted many photos of the eagles and deer that I see out on Paynes prairie. Sweet water wetlands they have all the birds you could hope to photograph and alligators. Right behind us on kanapaha prairie I post hawk photos and small birds and all my sunsets. The wild horses travel all around these areas. I have heard that they went back and forth between paynes prairie and sweet water wetlands but have never in all my 30 years living here have seen them. Today, we finally saw them. A very nice man who works out at the wetlands area told us about the horses. I told him my wheelchair could not make it over the gravel road back there so we can only do the boardwalk. He offered to drive us back to where the horses were. We could not get very close, but close enough with my zoom lens. They were breathtaking. There was a mama and her little baby boy. Then a male. Then two other females and another baby. What fascinated me is that I could smell them. And they smelled just like any ole farm horse. BUT these horses looked like they had been professionally groomed. No mats in their manes. Their coats were the shiniest I have ever seen. And they are WILD HORSES! It was very exciting. After seeing them the nice man dropped us off near the boardwalk and I took some bird photos that I will post here too. We were there at almost sunset so I was thrilled when I got home and saw that even a few of the pictures weren’t too dark. I hope you enjoy them. The one for the contest I can’t post and I still haven’t decided out of the 500 which one that will be yet. So here is one sweet one and the other birds…

7 thoughts on “Wild mustangs

  1. Lillypads!!! The drops of water look like crystallized stones. Like Cape May diamonds.

    The horses are beautiful. I love the rich dark coffee color. So happy you finally got to see them.

    The third photo: I think I see a cartoon balloon over his head saying, “What am I doing with my life?” Lol. He looks like he’s contemplating something.


    • I love the balloon idea! Believe me i made up full conversations i thought they were having.
      My husband saw the lilypads and I had to stand up and lean over the rail to get the picture but the way the water looked just like diamonds was too amazing to pass up

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