Another video for my friend :baby limpkin with mama and lots of other animal sounds

A video of many bird sounds. The croaking is the alligator but he is far away. The animals in the video are the baby limpkin with his mother making a little squeak noise

15 thoughts on “Another video for my friend :baby limpkin with mama and lots of other animal sounds

  1. I see you found a way to keep posting media. If you do not mind , may I ask how you did it? Did you go ahead and upgrade? Great videos and pictures by the way, I have enjoyed them all day as you posted them. I know I do not comment much, but I do enjoy the media you post. Hugs

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    • Oh yay that makes me so happy that you like my photos and videos!
      My husband made an executive decision. I didn’t want to spend the money and he said that he wanted me to do it because I love sharing my nature moments. It was $200 a year to upgrade to business which i have no idea what business even means it was just unlimited space. Thank you so much you really made me smile liking my photos and videos

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      • Really? I have no idea how to do that. Post someone else’s ads? But ads are so annoying though aren’t they. I will have to look into this. I have no idea what the business account is i just saw it was my only option for upgrading space

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      • I’m not sure how to set it up. But I remember reading about the options. Glad you got the upgrade either way…I like checking out your photog and I know you enjoy sharing it.

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    • That croaking was RIGHT behind us too. I was NOT thrilled about that. Really it was so different when we were out there in the winter and the alligators were basically dormant only out sunning still and now they are very active and I am not thrilled. I keep warning the mothers and babies to RUN AWAY RUN AWAY. I have no idea what that line is from. Some movie. Dory or some disney movie. But i don’t want them to be eaten!

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