16 thoughts on “Hanging out with my goat friend :photo by my daughter

    • This goat has decided he is in love with my daughter so when our car pulls up he runs as fast as he can and tries to climb the fence to get to her. Then he just stares at her lovingly. It is so funny to watch. He and i are still pals but he’s in love with her

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    • In most pictures we have of him he is looking at my daughter while I am talking to him. We always wonder if he has nothing going on up there or if he has a thousand thoughts going on. I have photos of her and him and he will just stare at her. It is so funny. Nomatter what she does his eyes don’t leave her. She can hug him and pet him. I will just touch his face barely. Yep. He adores her

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  1. First pic: He’s telling you something personal and private.
    Second pic: He says, “Do you mind, this is a private convo.
    Third pic: He is now using osmosis to communicate.

    Seriously though, he’s a big boy. Beautiful…regal really.


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