Last video for my friend: tree frogs croaking loudly

Ok this tree frog is outside my window. This video was taken in my bed looking out the window of the frog that NEVER stops croaking, Do you think he sounds like a duck? My daughter does. And he CHOOSES to be right outside my window! Every few minutes he makes this noise. It is not easy to sleep!!!! But he is still funny.

My friend at therapybits/many of us 1980 is blind and so I have been wanting to post these videos for her but ran out of space on my blog but I wanted her to hear the sounds that I hear

10 thoughts on “Last video for my friend: tree frogs croaking loudly

    • Do frogs over there make these noises? This is just one outside my window but if I go outside they are everywhere. I just can’t tell if they are making some sort of great announcement or if they are communicating with each other!


    • Last night he gave me a break. I hope he finds a spouse of some sort and moves along. I realized I leave the light on outside on the deck and the bugs come so I am giving him a food source. So I left the light off!

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      • 🙂 when I was on the prairie yesterday I heard them at every house I went past and I somehow felt a little better and then worse because i was like awww other people aren’t sleeping either!

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      • No problem. I got it. I responded. It’s not the most articulate response because I’m pretty tired and have to get up early for a fricken dude who is coming to check out our leaky kitchen sink. I tell ya if it’s not one thing it’s another. Well at least the landlady isn’t blowing it off so that’s a good thing. I fell tonight too so I am expecting to
        be very sore tomorrow too. I must sleep so I can repair. ❤

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