And the rest of the photos on walks with the husband

The alligator winked so I just couldn’t help myself!

But the bathing bird was so adorable and the hawks are just EVERYWHERE now in our neighborhood it is awesome.

A side note….I was coming down the prairie and I saw something up ahead that I thought was a snake but it was slithering 10mph and when I sped up a little I saw it was an alligator IN THE ROAD and when I caught up to it and realized it was an alligator it darted off to the side and into the water. I was in the car thankfully but whoever said alligators cannot turn quickly to the right or left are LYING> because I watched him do it! I remember as a kid they used to say just run zig zag and an alligator cannot get you. Welp, they lied. Because alligators can run zig zag and I saw it.

7 thoughts on “And the rest of the photos on walks with the husband

    • Pretty wild isn’t it! The photos I have taken are on a boardwalk though above them with railing and fence. Where I grew up on a lake though they were in the lake where we swam and waterskier. We didn’t even think of them. Just so odd to see them now and think wow I was in the same water as them at one point. Thank you for the compliment on my photography .

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  1. Dangerous Alligator, great photography surprising write, have a safety knowledge of how to tackle in such wild dangerous situation! And please share if you find something great while to defend in such situation…stay safe..and happy, keep blogging friend💐


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