The dragonfly

Yesterday I heard a dragonfly caught in a spiderweb in our garage. I only hoped that wherever he was he would be reachable. He was. He was in a web in the window. When I reached up to him he gripped my finger so tightly. I’ve never felt that before. I’ve held a butterfly and a dragonfly but never gripped onto. It was as if he knew I was his only hope and he was not letting go. So I left him on my finger and with the other hand I grabbed some of the spider web away from him. He then began to frantically flap his wings but they were all tangled in web. He was going to hurt himself and I was never going to get the web off. I said to him, “shhhhhhhhhhh. I need you to hold still so I can get this web off or you will never fly.” And do you know that dragonfly held perfectly still as I did what I would call micro surgery to remove every last piece of web from his wings. As soon as I got the last piece he flew high into the sky. It was this surreal moment where I wasn’t sure it could be true that this dragonfly would fly off like he did, but he sure did. It was so liberating to my heart to have him fly away. Some of the stress of my life lifted just slightly and it was a moment I could not help but share.

7 thoughts on “The dragonfly

  1. What an absolutely beautiful event! You must have a magical ability or/and a very special prescence to have that effect on a dragonfly. Love that the little creature held onto your finger. Hope you are feeling a bit better xxx


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