12 thoughts on “Today’s animal finds out on my own…

  1. Both of these are framers as I call them. Probably not original but there ya go.
    The racoon is so cute, but has that look of caution and a little worry. That nose though, wow, such a deep beautiful black.

    The nose on the donkey. What a perfect shot. I love that starburst he’s got there just above the upper lip.


    • He was really young. Really really young. His face looks a little bigger than it actually was because he was high in the tree and I used my zoom lens. I only saw him long enough for 2 quick pictures and he was gone. So adorable though then I heard him round down the inside of the rotted tree.
      And that donkey!!! I’ve never met him. He was on a side road near the prairie (they changed the gate code. I got locked out) and he came up to me and was so sweet. Hard to take photos he was so close so this is what came out..his nose and lips. He was so friendly.

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