Thoughts and photos

I watched the wind blow that…whatever that is…for forever it seemed. It was so calming. Then I went to find the flower I have been waiting to bloom, for a month at least I check it each day. I had no idea what it would be. Ended up little hanging bells it looked like.

The pink rose was in my front yard as I left for my walk. The red mushrooms as outside my bedroom window. The green looking angel wings…well I don’t know where those came from. I love to look at the photos later though and imagine little fairies living under the mushroom guarded by the green angel wings. Things I think about!

Then the “please stay on the driveway” why? The yard is dirt. Who would drive anywhere but the driveway? Have cars parked on their side of the road on their dirt? Is their housework being done and is it for the workers? I wonder these things. I sit and ponder that sign. Just like as I drove up in my scooter to our house I looked at every single yard around us perfectly mowed and ours has not been mowed for weeks. Do people wonder? Why can’t they mow their lawn? Well I darn sure can’t. Then I looked down at myself wearing my tank top and daughter’s shorts wondering, do people wonder why am I wearing this? Well all my clothes need to be washed for one and I am too exhausted to do it. Also, I always wear as little as possible on my walks due to low vitamin D. My doctor told me if I would be in a bathing suit that would be best for sure exposure but to spare people (actually I wouldn’t really care what they thought, my legs would just stick to the black scooter seat) I wear a tank top and short shorts. This little outing around the block just made me realize you never know AT ALL what is going on with the members of house hold or a girl driving her scooter down the road with a camera. Today, I was trying to get some sun, looking for my flower that I was hoping would bloom, and trying to distract myself from the thousands of thoughts that were plaguing me. I succeeded. But no one would know that by looking. Looks definitely are not always what they appear. So much goes on behind the eyes.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts and photos

  1. Wow, I loved everything about this post. The photographs are wonderful as always, but what really touched me was the patience you must have, the devotion to nature, to look at a flower every day, waiting for it to bloom, and the way that you really notice everything around you. It reminded me of the ferryman in the book Siddharta by Herman Hesse
    What you do each day, and document and share with us, is unique and very special.
    Wishing you all the best, as always,
    Rachel xxx

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    • What a compliment! Siddhartha is one of the most beautiful stories written! And it is one that I can relate to because I would be very content being the ferryman on the river. I truly would be content doing that every day.
      It is the only way I find contentment is through my walks and connecting to nature.
      Yesterday my husband was having surgery and I was worried and I went outside and their were two woodpeckers and I watched them for so long together that I forgot about the surgery and by the time they flew off I felt completely fine.
      Thank you for noticing that part of me.

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