After the rain

After the rain I love to go out seeking puddles and raindrops on anything and everything. It took longer to clear my head today than I had anticipated but the raindrops definitely did it. The birds were still hiding from the rain so I may have to go out again just to find a bird!

I encountered 3 men on my walk. All interrupting my mindfulness with thoughtlesssness. I don’t engage men anymore on my walks as I have set boundaries that do not include being friendly to people I do not know who wish to engage me in conversations that they don’t need to be having with me. I always give a wave and a smile. But if someone stops to comment on “race ya” in their car while I’m in my scooter…happened today…or “Ya know that tree down there that was leaning, I cut it”…yeah great but these conversations make men think they can just talk to me and I don’t know them. I’ve been burned far too man times. The third man was wonderful. As one was interrupting my abstract photography I was trying to do (I was leaning over a puddle trying to get my hand with the reflection of the blue sky through the overcast day) the other man says “abstract photography?” I say ” YES!” Thrilled he can appreciate what I am trying to do. He says “reflections!” Gives me a thumbs up. I say “exactly!” And he walks off. That is a man I don’t mind interrupting my mindfulness. Not one bit.

4 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. After the rains everything is so clear and beautiful… But only till such time that sun doesn’t peep out after that it turns humid. Though it’s good for plants but at 48°C personally I then head for the AC. 😌😌
    Thanks for sharing. Do visit my blog at and let me know your favorite recipe and any suggestions regarding it that you might like to share…

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