Photos from my instagram that I just had to share

Above is tomas the turkey. He used to lay in my lap and run up to my car when I visited him.

The only picture posted of my husband but you can see how loved i feel

The bug i spent a long time getting spider webs off to set him free

The owl that used to go on walks with me. Flew next to me. We were the best of pals. See. Proof in this blurry photo

Peanutbutter the miniature horse. Yep, i kiss every animal!

Lokai the goat!

He just crawled on my face for awhile….

My daughter took this the day i walked up to the deer

Smokey the goat

Below, the donkey that I love

This guy below was a chill lizard that hung out on my finger for awhile

We pulled over to let this frog off our window on the side of the road!

6 thoughts on “Photos from my instagram that I just had to share

    • I felt like if I posted this you could really see ME. You could spend days on my instagram. I go wild posting on there videos of saving spiders and bugs and every other little encounter that I’m sure not everyone gives a flip about but I just post what I love


    • I raised tomas. Held him from when he was just hatched! He’d hear my car and knew it and would run as fast as he could to see me. Stand outside the car door and wait. I’d kiss his little head and he’d close his eyes. Loved that turkey! Had the personality of any dog I’ve ever loved.
      I’m glad you liked this post. Made it just for you! Wanted you to see some of my little treefrogs. Then I got all wild screen shotting other photos that I wanted you to see.
      The owl stayed with me a long time. I will never forget her. I could call her and she would come. Fly over and land on a tree. She’d talk back and forth with me. She was awesome. She grew up and flew away. Some experiences stay with you though.


      • I am grateful you did that for me. The You I see keeps me continuously wanting to see your page! I’m so glad to know you, even though it is only here. I’m happy your amazing friends have entered your life. Animals make the world a beautiful place. And some humans make it better just by being here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank yoou! I am so grateful that you read my blog and find some joy in what I post.
        Yeah I like a few humans. Most of them are on here but I do have a few in my day to day life. Mostly it is the animals that I love and my husband and daughter. But there are a few really cool human sprinkled here and their thankfully


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