The little blue bird:photos

She looked so much like a parakeet I used to have with her slight but bright blue markings on her back. I think she was a young female. She kept flying down to get food on the ground then right to the same spot on the fence. She truly made my day.

13 thoughts on “The little blue bird:photos

      • I just woke up from a dream in which I was trying to capture a little bird with my video camera. It eluded me and flew away. I think it may have been your little bird…


      • Oh how sweet is that! At least you got to see her even if you didn’t get her on video (in the dream). I chased around a blue jay yesterday afternoon try ing so hard to get her photo and she kept flying from tree to tree and I was zipping around in my scooter. Finally decided I would just wait until one day a blue jay just landed and I would have to get a photo then

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