The girl and the hypnotist: short story

The girl had heard of a hypnotist that helped calm anxiety. They hypnotist’s name was Dr. Dee.

The first session was very calming. The girl’s mother had to drive her and that was another obligation she had to rely on her mother for that she wish she didn’t.

Dr. Dee had the girl lay on a couch and imagine that their was a kind of switchboard. On that switch board the girl was able to adjust her own thoughts. She could turn down the anxiety. She could turn down the pain. It was the most relaxed she had felt in years. Each week they progressed in the hypnosis into different rooms of relaxation. Rooms with calming lights and angels. Each week the girl slipped further and further into hypnosis. The process was called neuropsychoimmunology. The girl never liked the “psycho” part in the name. Yet, the hypnosis was relaxing. She listened to the hypnosis tapes sent home with her every night. She repeated the mantra that Dr. Dee told her too. 400 times a day the girl was to teach her brain and remind it to be calm. “ I am cool, calm, relaxed, and easy going.” That was one of the 4 statements to be repeated 400 times.

It took a few months but after the girl started to be hypnotized she started seeing the hypnotist’s life instead of her own. She would see Dr. Dee as a child growing up with a loving family. She would see fragments of the hypnotist’s memories. The girl saw the losses the hypnotist had experienced. The girl finally started telling the hypnotist about what she saw and it seemed what the girl saw was infact Dr. Dee’s actual life. Dr. Dee felt a connection. She felt loved. The girl quickly learned that being a therapist did not mean that person did not have issues of their own. Dr. Dee had no love in her life. She just saw client after client repeating the same hypnosis scenario all day every day. Until the girl appeared and connected to the hypnotist in a way she had not felt before. It actually was a very beautiful thing. The girl loved to be able to help Dr. Dee felt loved. It seemed to give the girl a sense of purpose and she did not mind at first seeing images of the hypnotist’s life that could help her. The weeks of hypnosis being about the girl and her own healing ended. The hypnotist made it seem it was about the girl but really it turned into what the girl “saw” during hypnosis in regards to the hypnotist. Usually, in the past, the girl only saw these things in her dreams. Hypnosis was a new outlet to see these types of visions.

The sessions with the hypnotist were now free. The sessions moved to the hypnotist’s home. The girl started to receive gifts of appreciation for her connection to Dr. Dee and cards in the mail. The girl knew from a life of being able to see into other people’s lives that this was a normal happening but the hypnotist became obsessed. Eventually everyone became obsessed with the girl.

Everyone wanted to take something from the girl. When she was younger it was the men trying to take her innocence. As she grew older it was men trying to take what they perceived as innocence.

The girl knew of this “gift” when she was only 7 years old and had kept it a secret. Only a few people that the girl felt her “sight” could help did she choose to tell. The gift was only meant to be told to the person that needed the message. The gift was never to be exploited and used for another person’s gain. It was not meant to be an obsession. It started to make the girl feel used and unsafe. It started to feel as if her gift were just another way people could hurt her. The hypnotist meant no harm. She was just lonely. The girl gave her a connection to everything she had lost. The hypnotist thought that she loved the girl but really she just loved the girl’s ability to connect to true love.

The girl stopped seeing the hypnotist when she realized that the sessions were less about the girl and more about the Dr. Dee. Dr. Dee PHD had no boundaries. Most people don’t. So the girl had to put up boundaries. Dr. Dee suggested her colleague could do hypnosis on the girl instead. The girl tried this a few times and realized that she would never trust another person to put her under hypnosis. The promise of healing had just turned to the girl being used yet again and it was not worth the cost of the colleague. But the girl needed someone to talk to so she spoke to the new therapist in a therapist kind of way. The girl thought she’d finally found a therapist she could trust at least with her secrets.

The girl was wrong. The therapist was seeing the girl’s mother at the same time as the girl. The therapist stopped seeing the girl to see her mother knowing all of the girl’s secrets. The girl had been betrayed again. She was so tired of the secrets. She was so tired of the betrayal. She felt even her gift had been tainted and vowed not to use it again.

It was not until a few years later that a woman appeared to the girl in her dream. She had been killed. She wanted the girl to help her.

The hypnotist was never heard from again.

The therapist was never heard from again.

The girl went back to just being…the girl…and helped the woman in her dream.

8 thoughts on “The girl and the hypnotist: short story

  1. That’s so awesome. You truly have a beautiful gift for writing. I loved this. What a powerful and beautiful short story. I enjoyed it very much. Bravo Bethany!! I love you. Have you seen your owls? I sent them a message. I hope they gave it to you.


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