Adventures with the husband has resumed: photos

All of these photos have no filter. The red winged black bird had wings THAT vibrantly red!!! And the other bird had every color of blue and lavender that their is! The rainbow was our first blessing of the night. It was just as beautiful as it looks.

It had just rained so the lily pads and the flowers all had raindrops on them. I was satisfied with this alone. Then I smelled the wild horses. My husband can attest to the fact that my nose is quite the nose. I smelled them far before we saw them or came upon them. Photos of them to come next…

33 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband has resumed: photos

  1. Red wings, red beak and crystals on the lily pad.

    The angle of the wings in the photo look like the wings aren’t part of the bird but are like those little swimmies for kids. 😀

    Lol I have a sensitive nose too. Sometimes I’m like, “Ugh, you smell that?” And B’s like, “Smell what?”


  2. Aw thank you I am doing a little better. I am starting physio next week on my legs and have an ENT appointment the week after. Still struggling with the mental health issues but I know I always will. I hope you had a good day. ❤️❤️❤️


    • I hope the physio helps your legs. That sounds promising. Is it a new ENT?
      Mental health issues….so frustrating I know. I just wish their were a switch. Even just for a day!


      • No I have been going a while. My hearing has declined rapidly in the last few months. About three years ago I had an ear infection that caused cellulitis and then Sepsis. I already had poor hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears but I have had problems ever since.


      • Oh my gosh both cellulitis and sepsis! You could have died. How very serious. I’m so sorry you went through such an awful illness.
        Sorry to ask this but don’t I have you on my instagram because I thought I did but can’t find you and I’m having some memory issues last few days.

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