6 thoughts on “Alligator: black and white photography

  1. I LOVE black and white! These are so great! All of them. But I gasped at the lily pads. Just wow. I’m saying wow on your posts a lot lately. Lol.

    And oh wow again. I didn’t even see the gator in the lily pads my first look at the photo. But I scrolled up again to look at it and spotted him/her. It looks like a young one? Maybe an adolescent or something along those lines?

    And in the first two photos…are those flowers in the water and are they growing from the bottom of the lake or river or whatever that body of water is (Sorry I forget) or are they falling off a nearby tree?


    • I LOVE the lily pads and we watched these two alligators for along time. He would pop up under a lily pad where it was on his head then go under and then pop up. Meanwhile birds were landing on the lily pads and i was worried they’d be eaten but no. Then the other alligator had these like flowers on his head that were white which inspired me to do them in black and white because it made the raindrops on the lily pads stand out.
      I actually asked the ranger. She said that wetlands are very very shallow and that it has to be that way for the ecosystem to live there so no water is deep where we are. All just really shallow.

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