Adventures with my preciousness husband

I wasn’t sure what would happen on today’s adventure because as soon as we got to the park it started to dump rain. We were in a pavilion type thing that had a tin roof and I must say if the only moment was listening to the rain on the roof while watching the dragonfly in the sun/pouring rain, that would have been enough. While we waited we chatted with a really kind family. Then we met an astronomer who was like a tour guide as we went out after the rain on our normal path. But he knew the names of all of the birds which was so cool!

We encountered a snake which was very awesome. He looked like a turtle to me. My husband took the photo of me so you could all see that I wasn’t THAT close but well kind of maybe close!

The lightening I sat forever to get it with my finger on the button just waiting and hoping. So excited to get that photo.

One of the birds in flight was an osprey who I have YET to get a clear photo of. If I could hold my hands over my head that would help but I can’t so…one day!

29 thoughts on “Adventures with my preciousness husband

  1. Nice catch with the lightning. Good photo to enlarge and frame for a living room or family room.

    The osprey shots still came out nice, with it in flight. I really like the one where he’s got the dark sky as a back drop.

    The snake shots: Good catch of the tongue in that first one. The detail is amazingly clear on a couple of the shots. The one straight on at his face made me laugh. He looks like he’s going, “Hm?? What are YOU doin?”

    But it’s likely you won’t find me that close to a snake that big. Yikes! I came upon a snake once at a frisbee golf course. My frisbee had landed right near him and I didn’t see him til I went to pick up the frisbee. I jumped so high. My friends watched my whole reaction and laughed. Luckily it was just a harmless black snake but still.

    It’s really cool how you can see the snake framed in the screen of your camera in that photo of you too.

    And last but not least, the dragon fly is so beautiful. The photo resonates peace. And the depth perception is awesome.


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