I support all law enforcement oh and I’m an ordained minister too

I forgot to add this in the little bit about me post…

A very very long time ago…seems like I was 23? 22 maybe. I was pulled over at gunpoint by a LOT of police cars. I was asked to leave my vehicle. Spin around lift my shirt. Lay face down on the ground. Blah blah blah. I did all of this.

Apparently, my vehicle matched the vehicle of an armed robbery suspect.

I did all I was asked to do.

Afterwards, learned that it was the wrong vehicle but it really did match the vehicle they were looking for. I chatted with the officers for a bit. They apologized profusely and thanked me for being so cooperative.

End of story.

I did what was asked of me. They were looking for a man who had just robbed a bank at gunpoint.

My next door neighbor was a police officer. The stories…the amount of lives saved. Victims helped. Justice served.

I am appalled at the amount off officers that are being slaughtered. Yes slaughtered. My neighbor’s son was slaughtered for just being a police officer. This flag is flown by my neighbor in honor of him.

I honor the good men and women out there who risk their lives, leave their families, and don’t get to put their kids to bed, miss all the holidays, and risk getting shot just sitting in a restaurant…every day.

Yeah, and I’m an ordained minister.

I studied for years to become a chaplain learning about all the different faiths and religions.

It was my honor to be the last person an individual saw on this earth before they passed away. For 8 years I sat by bedsides, held hands, listened to their last thoughts of love and loss.

I am proud to be not only a law enforcement supporter but also a minister. This is not a religious or a political post. Yep their are bad guys in all places of work. One bad seed in law enforcement was in my own family. In religion, yes, also many rapist and pedophiles. I see the good where their is good and I support those that are good and have integrity. Their will be bad seeds but they do not always grow into the trees that provide shade when we are in need. Most of those bad seeds get weeded.

And those are my thoughts for the day. I don’t affiliate with a “group” or a “party” I affiliate with those that are good and I respect and honor them as I would want them to do the same for me.

6 thoughts on “I support all law enforcement oh and I’m an ordained minister too

  1. I LOVE this post!! I “liked” it when I first read it several hours ago, but didn’t have time then to comment, so I made a mental note to come back and comment later.

    That story about when you were stopped by the cops — the same kind of thing happened to my husband and me, in December 2009. My current gravatar picture, where I am wearing the camouflage cap, with the caption that says “I’m too silly for my hat” — that picture was taken by my husband, the day after this incident took place.

    Here is what happened: my husband and I were driving through the mountains south of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, late one night after having dinner with friends in Timberon. The winding roads had a lot of black ice, so my husband was driving very slowly. There were no street lights anywhere, no other traffic, and no houses where we were, just a lot of snow and evergreen trees and mountains and the blackness of night.

    Suddenly, flashing lights came up behind us, a lot of them. There were sheriff deputy vehicles, state police, and the border patrol.

    My husband pulls over and stops the truck. I look back and see men with assault rifles pointed at us. A voice over a loudspeaker orders us to exit our vehicle with our hands in the air, slowly, and don’t make any sudden moves. Kneel down on the ground. Now put your face on the ground with your hands on the ground in front of you.

    I am facedown in snow. I feel myself being handcuffed, then I am frisked all over by shaking hands. Next, I am forced to my feet, then marched back to a border patrol vehicle. My husband is there, also handcuffed, bent over the hood of a vehicle. He is trying to tell them they are making a mistake.

    After they run our driver’s licenses, we are let go with an apology. Like you, Bethany, it was our vehicle that caused the problem. They were looking for a another white crewcab pickup truck with a longbed and a towing hitch, which was being driven by someone heavily armed, who had just fled the scene after nearly murdering someone.

    For me at the time, my biggest worry was my husband. He has PTSD from Vietnam. He used to shoot an M16, now he had them pointed at him. He’d had 2 heart attacks and the altitude where we were, over 7,000 ft, makes your heart have to work harder, especially in the cold. Plus he is almost deaf and he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids. What if he did not hear what they told him to do and he made the wrong move and they shot him? What if he flipped out in a PTSD war time flashback? What if he had a heart attack?

    But thank God, none of those terrible things happened. Soon we were on our way, and the next day we went hiking in the awesome, other-worldly beauty of White Sands, where my gravatar picture was taken.

    But we made a stop first, before going to White Sands. We went by the sheriff’s office, and told the sheriff thank you. We thanked him and his officers for the work they do. We told them, you put your lives in danger every time you put on your uniform. Thank you.

    By the way, I was 56 years young, then. And my husband was 60. 😁


    • I’m so glad you shared this story!
      I was only worried about my dog who was going wild barking in the car and I kept saying please just don’t hurt my dog! Because I thought they would have to search the car and my dog would have bitten them for sure. Funny how you were thinking about your husband and me about my dog.
      We were in a truck too and it really did look just like the truck they were looking after!
      I was also slightly embarrassed because I had just come from the lake and was in my bathing suit! Just a little shirt on over it. Note to self taken after that day throw on a pair of shorts!!!!!
      Your sweet husband. I’m so glad he didn’t have a PTSD moment.
      Ok I totally have to go off topic and tell you this. We were at a park today and I was taking photos, just posted them, and this family was there and we were waiting out the rain. My husband and I are about as white as white can be infact both had on white hats and white shirts to avoid the heat. This was an african american family that we were chatting with. They were SO nice. We were talking about the wild horses and how inclusive and unjudgmental the horses were and how we wished that every family could be like the wild horses. It wasn’t until after that I thought about the color of our skin and their skin and thought how if someone were to ask me what I noticed first about someone….due to my PTSD…it would always be smell. If they smelled perfumy or fragrant it wouldn’t matter what their skin was or personality, I would go straight into PTSD mode. We later were walking with a man with a beard and he was right next to us talking to us about birds and my mind went straight to ….does he smell like anything triggering? No, ok we can move along.
      Ok i have no idea why i felt like sharing this…i think it was your husband and the police and the thought that the scenario or the police or anything else did not matter, just if it triggered ptsd. You were so thoughtful to have worried about him.

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      • Oh my gosh, you were worried about your dog! I didn’t mention our dog, because my comment was long enough already, but our red heeler cattle dog was in the backseat of our truck at the time, barking wildly. I was soooo thankful that we had her in a harness and secured with a seatbelt. We had only just started doing that, because she had jumped out of the truck once when the truck was stopped with the door open, to chase a cow, and another time, when my husband stopped to get gas, she jumped out and ran into the little convenience store, probably looking for a treat! But even with our dog belted in with her new harness, I was scared that she might somehow get loose in her frenzy of wanting to protect us, and get herself shot. So I was worried about Lady and worried about my husband, both, but especially my husband.

        I just think it is awesome, Bethany, that you have such a beautiful attitude toward law enforcement officers, even after going through that experience. But it’s true — what would our society be like, without them?

        I know what you mean about being triggered by smells. My sense of smell is about gone now though, probably due to my lifelong sinus/allergy issues. Now my biggest PTSD triggers are: facial expressions. Tone of voice. And sudden, unexpected movements in my direction.


      • Soooo….same dog….we were driving out to the lake one day and stopped at a gas station to get snacks and we all go in. We look out the window and the dog is in the driver’s seat and the car has rolled out of the parking lot, over the road, and into the ditch. The dog had switched the car into neutral. The car and dog were fine and only after did we look back and realize we were all just standing there frozen watching this. SAME DOG…..we were in the grocery store once and we left the car running with the AC (too hot in florida not to) but the window was still half down because she liked to stick her nose out. We heard the electric doors of the store open and someone say ” a dog is in the store” and yep it was him. He came looking for us. Thank heavens he crossed the road ok! This dog I swear to you had nine lives. And looking back I was a total shit owner for not using a seatbelt. I never event thought about it. He just went everywhere with us. So many stories of him over the years we had him. So many things we look back and laugh at and shake our heads and are grateful he ended up being ok because we were stupid and young and STUPID! Plus side is that dog had an awesome life swimming in the lake and every day he went on 5 mile runs. He loved to run and swim. And sleep in bed with me. They live too short of lives and are so impactful. I was with a group of friends the day Jordy drove the car out of the parking lot out over the road into a ditch. My neighbor a police lieutenant and I was dating a police officer and all his friends were going out to my family’s house for a bbq.

        It’s interesting to hear about your triggers. I don’t like it when someone looks me in the eye when walking up to me. Little things.

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