17 thoughts on “Little bit of cheer: photography

  1. Man I love that zoom lens. You can get so much detail with it.

    The blue in the blue jay, so vibrant. I love all colors so it’s weird to say, “My favorite color is” But since blue is such a rare color in nature, it’s a favorite for sure. Of course, it’s also why I like orange too. lol.

    That butterfly photos is amazing. I really like the depth perception and how the flower and leaf in front of the butterfly is blurred/soft too. Really makes it look surreal and magical.

    The black and white of the squirrel is so crisp. I think squirrels are really cute. I love how you caught him with his mouth open.

    Okay so after the butterfly, the three blue jay pics: (Being funny)
    1. He sees you taking his picture.
    2. He doesn’t like it and is telling you to stop.
    3. Turns his back to you with attitude. Fine, you not stop, I turn around .


  2. These pictures are freaking amazing my friend! I would frame pretty much any of the ones you post anyways!!! Beautiful my friend πŸ™‚ I hope life is treating you well. I haven’t been writing much but as usual I am trying to catch up and get back into the swing of things. Luv u~MOOOAH!


    • I loveeeee it so much my husband bout me a new lens and im so excited for it to come in the mail. I love that you love my photos!!!!!
      Ive been bust this evening having ann all out wig out til way past midnight. I can only hope i wake up tomorrow and i have calmed the fuck down!!!!! Love you

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