Encounter with a hawk

I was lounging on the deck with my daughter and a hawk flew up and landed on a dead tree stump. My daughter wanted me to get my camera and I thought, nope, I’m just going to sit here and watch this hawk. So we did. He hung out, flew around, and finally she was like MOM seriously he’s in the perfect spot for a photo opportunity. I am so glad I got my camera. I went out into the yard a little and saw he was trying sooooo hard to get a squirrel (which he did not). He is young so he was floundering around between my fence and the neighbor’s fence. Finally he flew over my head and just the sound of the wooooosh was awesome. He landed on a tree next to me and unfortunately all I had was my zoom lens so he was way to close for that. I took a few photos anyway and the sun was so bright through the trees it cast a yellow tone to him. He was a gorgeous bird. My daughter video taped from the deck him flying close to me. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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