5 thoughts on “Some photos on adventures with the husband…a very blurry blue tailed skink

  1. Is it a rare kind of lizard?
    It’s occurring to me as I look at these photos that alligators look like dinosaurs.
    I almost commented…Dinosaurs! But then I thought you might think I’m crazy…well I am but that’s another story. lol

    The bird in the first pic looks fluffy. Is it a crane, stork or pelican…or perhaps none of the above?


    • Yes. They are almost extinct so it is super cool i got a photo even though it was blurry. He was running. Whenever i look at lizards i call them dinosaurs. They scare me a little bit some of them.
      The fluffy bird I wanted to hug. She was so soft looking I really loved her. I think a crane

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