The loop



High highs

Low lows

People say

Jump off the merry go round

Easy peasy

But there are no horses going up and down

It’s a rollercoaster

Standing high off the ground

As I look around

Some are screamers arms in the air

Some are lost in a petrified stare

Some let out a deep breath of air


I jumped off

Into the abyss

A word over used that I won’t miss

But it was a deep darkness

I’d hoped I would drift

Through this fluffy white mist

Floating down

But there was no solid ground

Once I jumped off

I was again


Away from their world

But now stuck in my own


So I spin

Like a child’s spinning top

Through a tornado

That won’t stop

Should I have stayed on the ride with them

I could climb back in again

Get caught up in that whirlwind

Oh right,

I was falling through the mist

Let me go back to that

And throw in gentle hands

Ready to catch

Just for a moment to feel safe

I long to feel safe

I long to escape

This place

Just feels like I’m here by mistake

This isn’t me

I shouldn’t be here

I can only relate

To that fragile deer

Not the people in this sphere

One day I will run free

Or float with the clouds in the sky


With the butterflies

That’s home

This is not

This is just…


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