Favorite hawk encounter yesterday #hawk

He followed us around, followed my husband as he weeded the flower beds and ended up landing in my birdbath and I didn’t even see him and he and I were a few inches from each other just staring at each other. Was super freaking amazing.

35 thoughts on “Favorite hawk encounter yesterday #hawk

      • What the gators?
        I should clarify though. I love your photos of the gators. Like most all other animals you photograph, you pick up their personality and they are pretty cool creatures, even beautiful in their own way.

        And I can see how they’d be incidental when living around them all your life. I might be like that too. Idk.

        It’s funny though. When I go to the park and walk the trail next to the creek now, and then walk over to it and sit by it, etc. I try to imagine what it would be like to have to think about alligators or to see alligator eyes coming toward the bank. And I think, Whew! Glad that’s not a thing here. lol.


      • Yeah. I totally ignored them. I was like ok see y’all not photographing you at all!!!
        I knew what you meant. Sometimes the alligators will catch my eye in a cool way or I will want to use my new lens but the last two days i have ignored them. My husband will point one out and i’m like eh no.
        I would love a creek. I would love to sit next to a creek and hear that water. That would be so calming to me.

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      • If you ever get to this part of PA… the trail I’m talking about is totally wheel chair/scooter friendly.

        I was out there a couple weeks ago walking and didn’t feel all that great about life or myself. My head was down, I was just getting myself outside, despite feeling so miserable.

        I noticed a guy with a small dog coming toward me from the other direction. I really didn’t think much of it. I don’t generally initiate contact with dogs I don’t know.
        But this dog was on one of those retractable leashes. I had been looking down though still thinking they would just walk right on by without incident, but then I looked up the dog was coming right toward me, wagging his butt and grinning. He was a Boston Terrier and they are so cute, happy and funny. He made me smile. I didn’t get to pet him because the owner wanted to keep going but that was okay. Just having the dog get excited to see me was enough to make my day.


      • It’s a nice trail. Parts of the creek smell weird though so I haven’t been sitting next to it. The weather got super hot again and I got out of the habit. Not the best idea. It definitely feels good to get out there.


      • I know what you mean. There’s this one spot at the creek, where the water is pretty deep but there’s a big slab of concrete looking over it. You can see fish too. But one day I was sitting there, reading and getting sun, and all of a sudden I smelled some perfumey shit. Like, have you ever walked past houses and smelled the detergent or drier sheets coming from their laundry room? It was like that only more subtle. It still made me worry about wtf I was breathing in. Sorry that the same kind of thing is happening there too.


      • When I go around our neighborhood I try to do it during the week when everyone is at work becasue on the weekends it is ruined by fabric softener smell coming out of their dryer vents that smells sickly sweet. I hate it.
        This smell is more of a urine smell though which I hate even worse. Like an old nursing home that is just overwhelmingly smelling of rank urine. Have no idea what it could be but someone said their has been a bobcat there so maybe he is marking and spraying

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      • Eek. I’m quite familiar with that smell. I worked in a nursing home when I was in high school. When I walked dogs on a regular basis for work, I used to encounter that laundry smell often along with lawn chemicals. I don’t understand the lawn chemical thing. People want that uniform look on their lawns and I think just letting the grass be natural (and cutting it with a lawn mower sometimes) is so much better looking. Be safe out there, if there’s a bobcat…yikes.


      • I had to yell at someone to not start spraying just the other day or I would have been trapped out and had to gone around the entire neighborhood in my scooter just to get back to my house from another direction. Fortunately he listened and didnt start spraying. Everyone in our neighborhood does it and do they NOT see the guys wearing gas masks and then they let their dogs and kids play in it. I’m sure that is where my dog jess got cancer. Walking through pesticides day after day!!!!!
        Apparetnly the bobcat comes out early in the morning. I’m more cautious of the alligators now but they have roped off certain areas of the alligator nests so no one can be near them thankfully!! I prefer these places in the winter now that it is summer. Hot, mosquitos, ticks, blahhh, smells. In the winter it was just birds


      • Oh my gosh, that’s good he listened. Most people won’t I bet.

        The fact that these people spraying that shit are wearing masks and with some stuff, they cover up their whole body, you’d think that would give a clue. People don’t put 2 and 2 together like that. It’s disturbing. There’s this new thing around here, spraying for mosquitoes and that stuff is apparently really strong.

        I was working for a poop scooping company a couple summers ago. UGh! And I pulled up into this one driveway where this guy was spraying for mosquitoes. He was all suited up, serious gas mask and everything.

        Needless to say their dog shit didn’t get scooped that day. I mean, wtf. She scheduled us that same day???? Um, nope. Not going in your yard.


      • It’s so dumb because unless we ALL spray for mosquitos how will this help. Do they think their little area of land is in a bubble? I mean we have this going on here too and little signs saying they have just sprayed for mosquitos and 1 mile away is hundred of acres of prairie water. I’m pretty sure those mosquitos will just come fly over a mile!!!!

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      • I guess they think that it will prevent other mosquitoes from coming in to their yard. Lol…Idk. You’re right. It makes absolutely no sense to me either. I see those signs here too. Obviously it’s a danger if they need to put up signs to tell people.

        In fact I read somewhere a long time ago that spraying like that to kill insects just makes it worse because they adapt and evolve to tolerate the chemicals. Scary if you ask me. Because humans will continue to want to spray and more and more dangerous chemicals will get used. They’re chasing their tails really.

        Something you said in your last comment too: About the chemicals in the yard and then letting pets and kids play in it. That always crosses my mind too. How people don’t think about this is beyond my understanding. Poor Jess. I’m sorry.

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      • Jess little nose was always to the ground because he had hound in him and was always sniffing. I thought alot about where his tumor was in his throat and how he was kept in a home and yard free of all chemicals, bathed in organic unscented soap, given filtered water, and ate homemade organic food and YET he got cancer


      • Yeah, that’s pretty alarming. It’s a reasonable assumption (although I’m not a fan of that word lol) that other environmental factors caused the cancer.

        Both of my maternal grandparents (though years apart from each other) died of some kind of cancer in the throat. My grandfather caught it too late I think. I don’t know the whole story. My mother was not on good terms with her father and I barely knew him.

        My grandmother, she was in my life and went into remission the first time. But it came back and it eventually took her life. I talked to her about it one day but it never occurred to me then that it was in the are of the thyroid. So I’m wondering if that was where the lump was.

        Such an awful disease. There are so many alternatives to chemicals. I wish more people would use them…or nothing at all in some circumstances. Like in the case of the lawn for one example.


      • Sorry, I tend to turn everything around to me. Me, me me. It’s not all about me. It’s true, it is sad. I agree. But I feel not so great about bringing it back to me. I’m really sorry I do that. I seem to do that a lot. I’m sorry about Jess. it’s sad that you lost him to cancer.


      • I don’t feel that way at all, that you do that, you are just relating, and sharing a similar story and pondering your own life based on a subject I brought up. I think that is totally natural.
        I just read you email. I will reply later, i have to get ready to go to an apt. I wanted to quick reply but i have way too much to say than just a quick reply. I need a good ramble on!

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      • I see it as relating and sharing that you understand by expressing your own experience with it. I don’t see you making it about you at all.
        Thank you! I have to get invisalign today. Nervous about it. Trying to protect my teeth and jaw from this muscle disease and the seizures. Since they are not in alignment they keep chipping if I have any seizure activity, etc. i just hope it doesnt cause too much pain. I’m already in so much of that


      • That’s how I mean it when I talk about my own experiences. The free association in my mind is constantly on. Glad you see that.

        I hope the invisalign works for you too and of course doesn’t cause pain. The one good thing is (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) that you can take them out if they bother your teeth/gums and then put them back in when that subsides.


      • Omg dying with invisalign. I am just about to Post the most dramatic post ever on this fucking invisalign. News heading: girl makes it through abuse, diseases, only to be done in by invisalign !!!! Omg those dumb commercials that make it look like you just slip these suckers in LIE and that they don’t hurt just like braces LIE. I can’t even speak. Only text and the edges have sliced up my inner lips and cheeks. Omg is all i can say.omg.
        And I’m glad you talk about your own experiences and share free association. I do the same thing and i think that i why we get along so well.
        Fuck i forgot your email until just now. I’m so sorry. The dentist apt was 2 hours long. I had no idea. My daughter has been taking care of me since i got home putting lidocaine on my lips and bringing me cotton balls to stuff under them so they get a break from the sores already there. Arahhhghghghghghgghghh


      • Omg, that was a long appointment. That must have been awful sitting in that chair all that time and now all this pain. That sucks they hurt so much. I had no idea.

        I made that assumption that you could easily slip them off, sorry. I have an old retainer for my lower teeth. It’s made like (I think) the invisaligns are made. Of course I don’t know for sure. It causes discomfort and pain too, when I use it. I clench when I sleep so my teeth have gotten a bit outta wack again too. I can take that thing out though.

        Man, I remember having braces in my twenties and getting them tightened every so often and for a few days they would hurt so much. Also the wires cut into the inside of my lips and cheeks. It was excruciating.

        Not sure if you know, but there is a product called orthodontic wax, made just for that. It molds right to where you need it and guards against that tender tissue getting all cut up. That is one horrible feeling.

        You can the orthodontic was up at the drug store. I saw some in CVS last time I was in there for dental stuff.


      • My daughter had braces and she said it feels the same as this. I can take these out two times a day to eat. They assume you only eat twice a day i guess. It says you have to keep them in 22 hours a day. So i can take them out but it takes forever to take out and hurts my fingers so I kind of wish i could just eat with them in but my molars don’t touch so it would be impossible. My daughter has a nightguard for grinding and we compared them and they are totally different material. I thought it would be a simple plastic/rubber, slip in and out thing. I had no idea they’d have to put these stupid anchor things on all my teeth which feel like rough cement and that it would hurt just like braces. My daughter has taken videos of me and i look completely incapacitated with just this stupid thing in my mouth. It’s crazy! My daughter JUST said I need wax that she used on her brackets and i’m pissed they didn’t give it to me! So now my husband has to go way back out there tomorrow and get it. For now my daughter brought cotton balls to stick under my cheeks. I don’t think they took into account my other health issues. I think this is basically braces, it just looks prettier. I had no idea ! And i don’t like going into anything with no idea. I like going in feeling prepared. And no idea i’d have to be upside down for 2 hours. I mean they could have told me and i would have premedicated. Well i may not post about it since i told you all about it.


      • Oh yeah, that sucks they didn’t give that stuff to you. I can’t remember if my ortho gave it to me or not. I remember buying it on a pretty regular basis.

        What I have is a plastic retainer, for my lower teeth. I have a basic wire retainer for the upper teeth and then they glued a wire on the back of my lower teeth after the braces were removed. But then the wire came off a day or two afterward. So I went back and they took a mold of my lower teeth and made a plastic type of retainer to keep the teeth in place. I still have both retainers after all these years. The lower one is cracked though and cuts into the gum tissue behind my lower front teeth. I use them now and then and wow, I can feel them separating/trying to straighten my teeth. I try to sleep with them but sometimes it just hurts too much.

        I know what you mean about wanting/needing to know the process for sanity sake what you are getting into before getting into it. These doctors, dentists, whatever, seem to not think people need to know this shit. It’s messed up. I don’t get it. I hate those kind of surprises too. I hear ya.

        And plus, if you need some kind of medication to endure it, that is even more of a reason for them to tell you what’s gonna happen.

        It struck me funny when I read “They assume you only eat twice a day I guess.” I’m not sure why.

        Sorry it hurts your hands to take them out. Just another thing on the pain pile, I’m sure you don’t need to deal with. I know this doesn’t mean much, but once your teeth straighten a bit, they will stop hurting.


      • That’s what I was just wondering. When they get a little straighter will they not hurt AS badly. Because right now their is a lot to move but i guess once the major stuff is moved maybe the next few trays wont hurt as badly. Every other week i have to start wtih new ones. My daughter has retainers to keep hers straight. Her bottom was is cracked right down the middle but they cost a fortune. We were pissed they didnt put a wire across her bottom teeth to keep them straight.
        It feels odd being as old as I am and just now doing this. I feel like someone should have suggested it years ago when my seizures started and my teeth were hitting but i guess better late than never. I will have straight teeth at 50 and does it even matter then? But it is for way more than cosmetic reasons. My husband said he likes me the way i am and doesnt know how he’ll feel when I get my teeth changed. I hadn’t thought of it making me look different.
        I cannot believe day one and this sucks so royally bad! I’m guessing becasue it is just more no the plate of an overfull plate.
        I’m a snacker. I eat at midnight with my seizure meds but i cant take this fucker out again so i guess i will just starve which sucks bc i am trying to not lose more weight. Hopefully in the days to come it will be easier.
        I didn’t like that the ortho didnt wash her hands between patients. She only used hand sanitizer and then put on gloves. To me that is gross. But i wasnt about to bring that up.


      • Yeah, that is gross. I don’t blame you for not saying anything. Last time I said something to someone on that topic was a massage therapist. She was someone I’d gone to so many times too.

        I had not seen her wash her hands this particular (last) time and asked her if she had. She lost it on me, left the room all insulted and went to the bathroom. I got dressed, left and I have never seen her again. Not that that would happen with an orthodontist. I would seriously question anyone in the profession of touching other people in any capacity that reacted insulted by such a question. I talked to another massage therapist aftert that happened and she validated me completely, saying that her reaction was a bit over the top and she took it way too personally. I cried when it happened. But I’m actually laughing about it as I write it. It was ridiculous. And I can’t imagine being insulted by someone taking safety precautions for themselves.

        I’m sure your husband will still like you. I don’t think they make people look THAT different. I expected a huge change. Maybe in adults they don’t change us that much Idk. Did Riley look a lot different?
        It’s also a matter of how the teeth feel too. Crowding is so uncomfortable. And yeah, you have other reasons for getting them.

        When I wrote that they will stop hurting as they straighten I meant within the time you have these ones on. Sorry. I didn’t realize that they get changed so frequently. Hopefully invisaligns are a bit different that way than braces. For me, each time I got them tightened, they were sore for a few days. Then my teeth would straighten a bit and the pain and soreness would stop.

        How long altogether will you have them? How many changes do you have to go through?

        As far as eating, what about a smoothie at night? But then you wouldn’t be able to brush your teeth either though, right?


      • Every two weeks I put in new ones and I got back in 8 weeks to get another set. She said the first few days of changing them would hurt but I just didn’t realize this bad. It’s like getting braces tightened every time i change to new trays.
        I just had my daughter bring me baby food that i’m going to suck up with a straw so hopefully that will be ok.
        Yeah, having your hands on someone’s body or in their mouth I think they need soap and water! Like just ewwww. There is a time and place for hand sanitizer and that is just not it.
        My daughter looked soooo different but that is because her teeth were all out of wack so two next to her front teeth were way high up and crocked so when she had 4 teeth in a row it looked really different. But pretty.
        Why would a massage therapist be insulted and stomp off. What ever happened to the paying customer being respected! What ever happened to that!!!!


      • Oh okay. I see how it works. I’ve always been curious about them. I’ve wanted to get them. I still would if I had the money, since my teeth have shifted in the almost 30 years. Ugh, weird to say that…I still have difficulty accepting my age. lol.

        So there ya go, I stand corrected. (Well I’m actually sitting. lol) Some people get braces and look completely different. It def. depends on how bad the person’s teeth are I guess. I had a big overbite. A couple boys, my 10th grade year called me Bugs. (As in bunny.) Nice huh? As if I wasn’t already self conscious about it already.

        I went for the braces finally one day, because my teeth had been having that teething feeling. I just had this feeling that braces would help that. It probably would’ve gone away on its own but the over bite had been bothering me as well as the bottom crowding being pretty bad too. The braces made a difference in that overbite for sure and the bottom felt so much better too.

        Why a massage therapist would be insulted is beyond me. I’m just glad it’s making me laugh now. I was so upset then. She had been pretty good to me and letting me see her on a sliding scale. She was a deep muscle massage therapist and it helped with some shoulder issues I’d had years ago. And then when I got a herniated disc, it helped with that too before I got PT for it. Oh well.


      • I’m hoping that the whole bottom row of them overlapped finally being straight will make them hurt less. I’ve been made fun of for my top two teeth being bigger than the rest. I still get comments.
        Having an overbite though would cause all kinds of issues with your teeth hitting improperly. I bet it felt much better when they were straight. You’re right though about looking different. I’m guessing only if they are really crooked to begin with.
        With our new insurance it covered half of the cost of the invisalign so that was incentive. Plus my bottom teeth were just hurting from hitting the top ones from the seizures. I knew I had to do something.
        My misery level has just been upped though. I want to rip this thing out and burn it to be honest. I hope i can tough it out


      • I always thought it was normal for the two front teeth to be bigger than the rest. That’s weird what people comment on.

        You bring up a good point and one that I’d forgotten about, the teeth hitting improperly. That’s exactly the issue. I remember the orthodontist saying that now. They are kind of back to that point although not quite as bad. I can feel a definite difference after I’ve worn my retainers for a night. My jaw actually shifts too. It feels a lot better.

        I hope you can tough it out too. It sounds like you will feel so much better once you get past this point. I know it’s feeling near impossible right now though. Nice your insurance covered some of them too.


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