The sunset thwarted my plan!

I planned to stay in bed and recover for two days when I looked out my window and saw the reflection of purple on the neighbor’s white fence. I got up to see what it was and it was THE SKY. Could not believe it. The entire thing was purple with some pink fluffs so I had to get up and get my camera and snap a quick photo and smell the gardenia that bloomed overnight as I passed by before getting back in my bed. I must say that this sunset was well worth my thwarted plans!

6 thoughts on “The sunset thwarted my plan!

  1. WOW! You did not use a colored filter on your camera, right? That’s how the sky really looked? Amazing. Amazing! I love this so much, I downloaded it to my tablet. I don’t remember ever seeing a sky like that. And I have seen a lot of sunsets.


    • No it was just the sunset. I think ive only seen this once before a few years ago. The sky only looked like this fir 5 minutes then it was gone. I was going to get my zoom lens but it jus t disappeared, im so glad i went out when i did


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