17 thoughts on “Justice the yard hawk watching my husband do work and eating a grasshopper

    • He was really cool to watch. I was in my bed watching my husband pull weeds and then there he flew above my husband watching everything he did so I could not resist, had to get my camera. My husband walked right under him which is why he is looking down. He was looking at my husband. It was really really cool. I guess he is my husband’s bird and not here for me. Which is totally fine. I had an owl, my husband is due a hawk

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    • Soooo happy to see him eat the grasshopper!!!!
      I think he was the man giving orders yep! I think when my husband pulls out weeds and ines it unearths bugs for the hawk who i have yet to see eat an actual animal. Its kind of sad because he calls out but gets no return call and me being all sensitive wonder if he’s calling his mom for help hunting


      • Aw, poor guy. I now feel sorry for a hawk. Not the first time though. lol. So he’s the young one you took photos of and posted before?

        He seems pretty smart though to be hanging around where someone is digging up dirt so he can get a bit of protein.

        Do you know if it’s normal for them to have difficult hunting when they’re still young? I’m thinking of that one post when you said he went for a squirrel (?) I think it was and couldn’t get it. (If it’s the same hawk). And wondering if maybe he’s got something going on with his eye sight. Idk, because I don’t anything really about hawks. Just something that came to mind. Poor guy. I’m routing for him though.


      • Usually the parents help. And he keeps calling for the parent but they don’t come. I just don’t understand. Yet he doesnt look like he is overly thin. He is the one who tried to get the squirrel. But how can he get a grasshopper and not a squirrel. Squirrels are not that fast! I’ve been watching him and he doesnt look to have any injuries and flies just fine. Just isn’t picking food that would fill him up.


      • poor guy. I feel sorry for him. Maybe something happened to the parent(s) that they can’t come. Like they died somehow. 😦

        Not catching the squirrel is what made me wonder about his eyesight. Squirrels blend in better with trees and dead leaves than grasshoppers do…but then grasshoppers blend into grass better than squirrels do. I don’t know. I hope he gets better at hunting.


      • They are blue eyes which is very odd. I’ve never seen blue eyes on a hawk before but I read that if they are blue the hawk is still very young so maybe he hasnt gotten the hang out of it.

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    • I finally balanced the camera on me knees and sat in a chair for that one. I was trying to just hold it up but my arms kept shaking so they were not clear. But when i sat down i got some good ones. The one with him on the ground i was too close with the zoom. I should have zoomed out and it would have been good

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