Before I write this next blog post…look at this awesome bird!

I went out to distract myself. It was one of THOSE days. Red flag times 2. I had to not sit here and dwell so I went out to take some photos and came upon THIS magnificent bird!!!! Look at him. I have no idea what he is but he is magnificent. I’ve named him Tristan because I name them all! Tell me what Tristan is and I will give you a million fake dollars!!! Really, I want to know what kind of bird he is!

After Tristan I ran across Emily:

And then some beautiful flowers

And this adorable snail Francis

And do you remember Justice from yesterday?

Well we met his SISTER CLARITY tonight on our walk. It was almost dark, 8:30 but look at how gorgeous she is. They were hunting together and getting little bugs off the ground.

Clarity has one yellow eye and one blue eye. Justice has two blue eyes. Just FYI. It was a wonderful walk that successfully distracted me from my woes.

11 thoughts on “Before I write this next blog post…look at this awesome bird!

  1. They are all so beautiful. Nice way to get your mind off the shit.
    I would tell you what the bird is if those were real dollars but…
    Lol…just kidding. I have no idea. But he has a crow look to him. I’m sure he’s not a crow but just has that look to him, even though he’s not black.
    I also really like his legs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird with green legs. Great camo.

    It’s good to see Justice has a hunting partner. And oh yeah, the shot of the snail is so cool.


    • Lol!!! I wish I had a million dollars that I could give!
      The green legs and the orange eye. He had me really in awe.
      I was worried Justice was out there alone but nope. Has a buddy and they both were right next to each other flying and swooping and getting bugs.
      It was my husband’s idea to photograph the snail. I’m glad I did. He was really cool. Fast moving sucker too!
      I still haven’t written my teeth blog. I’m too overwhelmed. Things just aren’t going well.


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