Hanging out with a snail.

Talk about being mindful!!!! There is nothing else that enters the mind when hanging out with a snail!!!! Smallest little guy I have ever seen too. Such enjoyment from the tiniest of things.

7 thoughts on “Hanging out with a snail.

    • I was laying on the deck watching the bugs on the ground and saw him and picked him up to see where he would crawl. He was so tiny I coudln’t believe I saw him. The crazy things we do around here. We were also singing to the squirrel who just gave birth and made this huge nest above the deck. Singing to a squirrel and watching a snail. Better than sitting inside doing nothing at all I figure. I’m thinking most people would not find any of that entertaining but I am not like most people I don’t think. And I’m aware and have always been aware that some people think I’m odd. But really that snail fascinated me!

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      • Odd?! I always tell my oldest daughter, how boring would this world be if we were all the same. The beautiful thing about this world is that we’re not, we’re all different and unique and that is amazing! I’m also intrigued at the smallest things. It’s not odd, it’s really just having an eye for all things beautiful – great or small.

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