Wheelchair walks

My hawk Justice has grown into the most phenomenal bird! Watching him grow up has been such an honor. To be in his presence is to leave you in awe!

Him and the sun rays and the corn field and the little dove were all beautiful sights. I continue to go out in search of something beautiful.

I have been searching every day for weeks for this kite. His call is unmistakable. I was very thrilled to see him in a pine tree. He was so high up I didn’t know exactly what I was photographing and was so excited to come home and be able to see the tail of another kite right next to him. I even did a short, although very shaky, video so you could all hear his very distinctive call.

12 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks

  1. Justice really is a beautiful bird. His feather markings are gorgeous.
    Sky pic 1 looks like it has a check mark in the middle.
    Sky pic 2 looks like there’s a little long horn in the left lower corner.
    Sky pic 3 looks like a sinister frog with a button nose.
    The morning dove’s feet aren’t even gripping the wire. Looks like he could flip over any second. His claws look so clear, they just really caught my eye.
    Hay bales! I have a good childhood memory attached to those.
    Last one…Cattail right? Looks like it’s holding itself up and the leaf is its hand. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love when you take videos and capture the sounds as well as the movements.

    Not sure if you know this. But YouTube has a feature that will stop a lot of the movement. It doesn’t bother me. I could see it just fine. I’m just telling you in case you ever wanted to use that feature. I’ve used it and it works really well.


    • Oh cool i had no idea. I need that because my hands are so jerky.
      I love that you look at each picure. Frog button nose is hilarious!
      I love hay bales. I have no idea why I just couldn’t resist. I wanted to jump the fence and run out and jump on it.
      The reed is actually one corn whatever. Ear of corn? It was in a corn field and there was just one higher than everything. It caught my eye so I had to stop.
      Justice is my favorite of all animals ever captured ever. I freaking love his dark markings so much


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