The orange dot in the sky

After a particularly difficult mental health day, I went outside and saw an orange dot in the sky. My husband came with me as we searched for the orange dot. We saw it on the way home and when we got home it was hiding behind some trees. I haven’t seen stars like this in a long time. The rain and clouds has covered them I suppose. This orange dot really had me struck though. I still have not looked up what it was. A planet maybe visible due to the whole blood moon and eclipse recently? I decided to photograph it and my star photography was hilarious. I have no idea how this happened and if I even got the tiny orange dot but here were my attempts. The orange dot/star/plant seemed to zap away some of the struggles of the day. I don’t always know what will help but sometimes it can be something as simple as an orange blip in the vast sky

24 thoughts on “The orange dot in the sky

  1. Interesting photos! I can’t remember what it was I was taking a photo of, but it somewhat resembled the ones that you got. Oops, just remembered! The moon on a full moon day. Weird but cool! MZ


  2. Hi Bethany! I am in the NY Catskills again, with my Kids and Grands. I have been watching that Orange Ball too and believe it is MARS!!!🤩TS


    • Oh YAY thank you for letting me know!!!! I had no clue. I figured it was some sort of planet but had no idea what. There is also a very bright white one near it. So I had two I was trying to take shots of and didn’t do a very good job but it was still fun. Have a wonderful time with family!

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    • I think that getting out of the house even for just a moment is what saves me mentally and emotionally since the physical part is so overwhelming . Thank you for always commenting on my photos. This was some wildness with these stars. I found out from researching after the comments that it was mars. And I got a squiggle picture to document I saw it 🙂

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      • I don’t know what you are going through but I do understand that getting out of the house for just a bit helps you feel human.
        You have such a gift and I so appreciate you sharing it with me (and others)


      • The pain of having a muscle disease and the triggers of having PTSD. So getting out of the house even for a tiny bit is very helpful to me to keep out of my head and not focus on my body. Thank you for saying I have a gift

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      • Shortly after I left that comment, our 2 dogs needed to potty. Our poodle is so codependent, he won’t even step outside without one of us with him. So I went out and looked up at the sky and all I saw in every direction were towering storm clouds and lightning flashes. No stars, no Mars. According to the weather forecast, we’re supposed to have storms again tonight, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. Which is great, we desperately needed rain. But it may be that your surreal-looking orange dot may be all I get to see of Mars!


      • Well good news and bad then! You need rain so that is good and I have some very abstract photos of Mars!
        I’m glad your poodle has you so he feels safe even when going out.
        Gosh all it has been doing is raining here. Every single day for months.
        The prairie behind us where I usually go and visit the goats and horses is flooded so the neighborhood across the prairie is fine but I can’t get ther because the road is flooded. So much rain.

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