My blog is about overcoming the shame of sexual abuse. Because there should be no shame. The shame lies solely on the abuser. I started writing my blog to find my voice which had been stomped out by many over a lifetime. My blog is raw, detailed, and could have potential triggers as I discuss sexual abuse and how it has impacted my entire life. I write about PTSD, love, loss, family, daily life, daily feelings, struggles, hope, and much more. I write poetry as well. I hope that my blog connects to you and makes you know that you are not going through this journey alone.

My blog has detailed descriptions of rape and child sexual assault. If you are under 21, please ask an adult’s permission before reading my blog as some of the content is not suitable for young eyes…UNLESS you have been a victim of abuse and think that my blog could help you. Definitely rated R for some of the content.

That is “about” my blog.

Now about me:

I am married and we have a daughter. I have my degree in Early Childhood Development. I was a professional waterskier. I was a volunteer chaplain for nursing homes and hospice. After developing many chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease, Central Core Disease, Osteoorosis, trigeminal neuralgia, seizures, and the list goes on…I spend most of my time enjoying nature, going for wheelchair walks, and spending time with my husband and my daughter. I have recently begun trauma therapy. Going through therapy has brought about many revelations and understanding of who I am. I gladly share my journey through recovery and hope my honesty helps other survivors of abuse feel they are not going through it alone.

Also, all photography that I post of nature, flower, wild life (foxs, owls, hawks, etc), are taken by me. Occasionally I will post a picture taken by my husband or daughter but I will credit them for those. If you’d like to use one of my pictures I’d appreciate you crediting me for it. Thank you!

copywright of photography through 2018