Ordinary or extraordinary. What do you see?

This is the prairie I go to every day. I noticed how dull and brown everything was until I spent 30 minutes and found a purple thistle.

This is the road I live on in my neighborhood that I go down every day. And the rock pile next to our acre.

If you came her to go to the prairie with me you would see this. And you may think…ummm where does she get the pictures she takes.

If you go down to the rock pile you see this.

If you go around the block and look closely enough you see this

And if you wait at that little bird house on the prairie and sit long enough waiting, watching, you will find this

We can sometimes choose to see ordinary. Or we can choose to see extraordinary. Some takes patience, some takes persistence. I’ve been going down this same road for 11 years and I find something extraordinary every single day on this seemingly ordinary road that really has extraordinary moments if you choose to look for them.

Poetry and pictures

I have no words

They are stifled with emotions

Also unheard

I have pictures

My attempt

To feel

Under the sun

Then I come back home

And return to numb

A neighbor passes by

“How are you?”

I could have said,

“Oh just fine!”

But instead

Partially what was in my head

“I’ve been better I have to say”

Then he basically ran away.


White wildflowers caught my eye

My smile was slight

Every so tiny delight

As it looked like fake Florida’s version of snow

Hoping my emotions would just take flight

How can I be mindful

I’d like to know

When living in the moment


Feeling such utter sorrow

I’ll just keep staring at this perfect rose

I suppose

Tomorrow will be better

I say it

But don’t believe my own hope