The gift of my owl

My sweet sweet owl. It has been a good month since I have seen or heard her. She definitely has not been in our yard.

It has rained here all day and I really wanted to take a picture of the raindrops on my Camellia flowers. I went outside and it was barely sprinkling and I got two pictures before I heard her hoot. I immediately and almost in a trance just walked to the backyard, something I NEVER do. The Camellia is right out the front door and I just walked all the way through the yard and fence to the back yard and there she was. She gave me the biggest HOOT. What a blessing. I could not be more thankful.

True story poetry part 2

*tw this poem may be upsetting to some

I went to the land of the dragonflies

And the golden reeds

I went to the whispering colors of the sky

Standing in the wildflowers

Others call weeds

I sang in gratitude

That burst forth

With the cranes

I sang

And I sang

I sang to a cow


Isn’t this a poem?


You sang to a cow


I sang her a song

I thanked her for being there.

In all my days of loneliness.

She heard me

She cared

She moo-ed back.

It’s true

True story

I’m aware some think my ways are quack.

And then I noticed the others

All the cows

Out to graze

I’d been here just yesterday

Watching the birth

Of their babes.

I stood

Questioning them

Lost in their daze.

I had witness life.

It made me cherish my daughter.

But their babies now gone



To slaughter.

I told them how sorry I was for their loss.

Can a cow understand?

I could only feel inside me

The cruelty of man.

I have never screamed.

I have never known how.

I screamed.

I screamed again.

I screamed with every fiber within.

I screamed from every cell.

I screamed to God

From the depths of hell.

Tears I never knew I had.

A voice crying from a wound.

Ringing in my ears

Silent no more

Blood finally dripping

From the scars I bore.

The violations

Exploded from my body.

The false representations

Tore from the crevices.

I prayed for the blood of Christ

To cover all of these abominations.

Free me from the curse of these generations.

I screamed to all who have caused me harm

I screamed in a wailing mourn.

Weak in the epiphany

Of so many

That contributed

To what could have been

The downfall of me.

The screaming.

It’s left me hoarse

It’s left me knowing

There will be a reckoning

There will be a time



this score.

I am so tired now

More tired than I’ve ever been

The truth may set some free


It just feels like

The end.

I will be careful now

What I wish for

My song

Left me


On the


One day

I hope

My song

Allows me

To soar.