And on this episode of adventures with the husband.

There is an observation deck over this vast expanse on Paynes Prairie. But I cannot climb those steps. So my husband carries me up two flights. Going up I hold my breath. Coming down I scream in my head the entire time!!!!! He changed up his walking down method and was going two by two. I kept thinking he was tripping and was certain death would befall me. Really it is some serious trust to have someone carry you down these steep stairs!!!!!

So worth bring up there though. There was a deer way out in the prairie. She looked up at me and she was so beautiful. Apparently we missed the bison by two hours. After he carried me down we went to the lake location and saw a beautiful sunset. Here are some pictures from our evening last night.

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SoCS: His/Hers

In our marriage there are very few things labeled his or hers. There is “ours”. The money…ours. I have never had a paid job in our marriage and my husband has worked every day of it. We’ve been together 22 years. Our anniversary is coming up. The money has never been his. The money is ours. We have no his and hers bank accounts. The car is ours. The house is ours.

We are individuals. We each have our own time, our own interests, our own personalities. Interestingly, our religious, political, spiritual, child raising, acceptance of others…ours. We don’t differ on one thing that I can think of.

I often can be found rummaging through his dresser swiping his long sleeved shirts. All of his hand me downs go straight to me. What was his just becomes mine. It ends up being ours in the end with most things.

We each have our own passion for different interests but support and uplift each other toward those individual goals. They become our goals.

Today I thought about his and hers when we went on our Saturday adventure. My scooter is definitely mine. But he is the one that takes it apart, puts in the car, reassembles it, and today even steer it for me as we went on the gravel road trek. So it makes it kind of his too.

Maybe it isn’t about his and hers but that he is a part of everything I do and I am a part of everything he does. I carry a tiny piece of his love in my heart always. He carries a little piece of my love in his heart always. We work well together to make everything work! He knew tonight my shoulder hurt too badly to make dinner, so he did. When he was mowing the other weekend I knew he’d be hungry and tired, so I made dinner.

To respect each other, and to unconditionally love makes the his and hers unnecessary. I am me. He is him. Material things are ours. And we are so interwound that I would describe his and hers best as just…US.

From adventure today…

*photos taken of me…his 🙂 everything else taken by me

The coolest picture of the day was this series. There was this little green, what looked like lettuce in the water and it was going down what looked like a drain in the middle of a pond. I have no idea what it was. I was squatting down taking pictures when an alligator made a beeline for me. My husband was right there. I stood up and had words with the alligator to BACK OFF. And he stopped his beeline for me. We moved a long after that. The zoom lens in this one is not that zoomed. He was pretty close. We were at the sweetwater wetlands. I will also attach a little sign. It we did the mile loop, or rather, I rode the mile loop and took photos while my husband steered (is that a word?) my scooter. He spots way more things than I do now though. It appears my mindfulness has now also become ours.

I also don’t know why the water looked so blue. I must have accidentally pushed a button on my camera that I will now forever search to find to replicate this cool look!

This writing is part of Linda G Hill Stream of consciousness Saturday

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 17/18